About ImpactConnect


Multiple Funds/Entrepreneurs

Up to 100 Investors by invitation

ImpactConnect embraces the powerful fusion of financial forces offering unprecedented and growing opportunities for qualified investors to consider and pursue rewarding and purposeful impact investments In Australia and beyond.

The showcase model – based on the successful and first ImpactConnect launched in 2019 – meets the growing demand for values-based vehicles for qualified investors in the fast-growing cleantech/gender/impact spheres of investment. Through storytelling, new opportunities, 2021 innovation – generating impact where needed.

Impact focused investors are fast moving along the impact continuum. Impact investment is recognised as approaching ‘mainstream’ status. Investors on their impact journey are looking for funding opportunities with a proven track record. Many demand opportunities aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Wealthy millennials are increasingly looking to invest with purpose. There is also growing pressure from Superannuation fund customers, clients & members for funds to move with intent and action – well beyond harm minimisation.

ImpactConnect delivers on this growing investor demand and trend toward making money make difference in our world. At scale. For purpose. For profit. Through the collective power of wisdom, courage and action.