March 2022 Participating Funds/Enterprises

Join a select group of institutional and sophisticated investors and hear leading Regional and Australian investment presenters share their purposeful stories.

Our March 2022 event includes the below participating funds/enterprises: 

1. Sentient-Tiverton Forever Fund

Sentient Impact Capital (Sentient) and Tiverton Agriculture Impact Fund (Tiverton) have joined forces to establish the Forever Fund (“the Fund”)

The Fund will primarily acquire and develop a portfolio of Australian properties comprising: regenerative agriculture farmland, carbon sequestration projects, and biodiverse opportunities

  • The Fund’s target IRR of 10-12% is underpinned by four clear drivers
  • Sustainable farm revenue: sell crops, livestock, and forestry products
  • Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs): generate and sell high integrity carbon credits by sequestering terrestrial and soil carbon
  • High-value farmland: increase underlying land value by applying regenerative practices to improve soil health and productivity
  • Biodiversity regeneration: sell biodiversity offsets and obtain ACCU price premium from biodiversity related co-benefits

The Forever Fund is a unique and differentiated offering co-managed by Sentient and Tiverton

  • Platform to raise and deploy capital at scale
    – Deep sector knowledge and strong origination capability
    – Rigorous process to make investment decisions
    – Proprietary impact framework to assess investment opportunities and embed impact
  • Innovators in regenerative agriculture
    – Long track record of regenerating farmland
    – Proprietary regenerative methods (e.g., liquid bio-fertiliser)
    – Use of leading technology (e.g., real-time measurement of soil carbon through Downforce Technologies)
  • Leaders in biodiversity restoration and threatened species conservation
    – Track-record in creating biodiversity sanctuaries (through Odonata Foundation)
    – Unique natural capital accounting framework
    – Innovative biodiversity credits developed
  • Australian leaders in carbon projects
    – In-house carbon farming and biodiverse reforestation (through Carbon Neutral)
    – Established the only Australian Gold StandardTM carbon project
    – Obtain premium carbon prices by linking biodiversity to ACCUs

2. Seer Data & Analytics

Seer Data & Analytics is a civic tech company turning data into action for people creating a better world. We are bridging the data divide by democratising data access, data sharing and storytelling so that all people of all skillsets can engage in problem-solving to benefit society. We empower local communities with data-driven decision making, giving people more confidence, power and efficiency to make data-led decisions for improved outcomes. Seer Data brings together Open Data, data that’s been shared, Seer’s AI Smart Insights and machine learning models, and self-service data ingestion tools, all in one platform. We’re building new data infrastructure – Knowledge Hubs and shared learning environments across all communities around Australia, and we want to growth that rich data ecosystem across the world.

3. Investible Climate Tech Fund

The Investible Climate Tech Fund is an early-stage venture capital fund seeking to invest in high-growth technology-enabled companies with a positive climate impact ranging from Pre-seed to Series A. Investible has been at the forefront of helping founders bring innovative technology solutions to the world for the last decade. Leveraging the experience of our own successful founders along with a group of influential club members, Investible has established a strong early-stage venture capital platform with two diversified funds and a proven investment track record. The third fund under management at Investible, the climate tech fund is targeting a $100m fund size, delivering a 25+% IRR net of fees by deploying capital across 60+ climate-focused companies in Australia and internationally.

Climate technologies are already changing how we eat, live, move and work. As the world moves toward ‘net zero’ carbon emissions, greater innovations will emerge to help make that transition faster and at scale. The next ten years will see the economy transition across all sectors and new industries develop. Investing in climate technology capitalises on the strong macro tailwinds generated by growing awareness of climate change, changing consumer preferences and business requirements and government support. This is a once in history opportunity to build successful companies while helping preserve the quality of life on this planet.

4. Be Well Co.

Built on six years of SAHMRI’s wellbeing programs and research, Be Well Co is a new entity dedicated to furthering our impact and reach. We innovate the way society tackles mental illness by developing and providing evidence-based solutions to help reduce distress and low wellbeing. Through our work with organisations and our network of professional trainers, we aim to reach large numbers of people to proactively build psychological health, before more serious mental health problems arise.

5. Clean TeQ Water

ASX listed Clean TeQ Water (CNQ) is one of Australia’s most innovative water companies with a portfolio of technologies that offer fundamentally new approaches to water treatment and water re-use addressing major current challenges in the global water treatment market including high energy cost, limited water recycling, and pollution from secondary waste. over the past 5 years, Clean TeQ has proved the technical and commercial viability of its technology solutions across a variety of project applications and holds over a dozen patents. Clean TeQ is now looking to accelerate growth and expand its footprint across the world.

6. Kilara Capital

Kilara Capital is at the forefront of climate investing and has launched Australia’s first impact growth equity investment vehicle, Kilara Growth Fund (KGF). KGF is focused on investing in small to medium sized companies, which target climate outcomes and outsized commercial returns in four key sectors: Environmental Markets, Future Food, Energy Transformation and Circular Economy. These sectors address climate change and drive systemic outcomes in global production and consumption patterns. We will drive towards lower greenhouse gas emissions across all our investments with a strong impact focus combined with more traditional, financial risk/return expectations. KGF has successfully reached First Close and financial close/exclusivity on four assets as at February 2022. In total the Fund is seeking to raise up to $50 million. The Fund aims to deliver outsized risk-adjusted returns for investors by actively managing exposure to sectors, customer-type and technology risk whilst taking a strategic approach to supporting portfolio companies.

7. Gane Energy

Gane Energy is a fuel development and licensing company based in Australia

  • Our business model is to derive revenues from licensing Gane Fuel IP to energy companies
  • We do not manufacture fuels, engines or ancillary equipment

Our goal is work with OEMs, technology partners, fuel companies and customers to enable industry to transition to a practical and affordable carbon neutral and cleaner fuel.