November 2021 Participating Funds

Join a select group of institutional and sophisticated investors and hear leading Regional and Australian investment presenters share their purposeful stories.

Our November 2021 event includes the below participating funds/enterprises: 

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Presented by Shane Nichols, CEO

Good Return Investment Fund

Good Return offers an opportunity for impact-first investors to create meaningful impact in addressing poverty (SDG 1) and barriers to women’s economic empowerment (SDG 5 & 8) in the Asia Pacific region. Investing with a gender lens, it’s catalytic partnership model drives sustainable change in local ecosystems, unlocking access to finance for grassroots enterprises that generate income and employment in low-income communities.

Good Return is a social purpose organisation that works across the Asia Pacific to broker economic development initiatives for the financially and socially excluded. Sharing with others the vision of a world without poverty, they partner with Financial Service Providers, peak body associations, governments, the private sector and others to research, design and implement game changing initiatives for those who are excluded from meaningful participation in the economy, particularly women.

Their initiatives enable economic empowerment through:

Financial Inclusion – access to responsible finance for those living in poverty and the small businesses that employ them
Capability Development – mindful money and business management of individuals and small businesses; and responsible lending by financial institutions.

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Huber Social
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Presented by Georgina Camp, CEO & Co-Founder

Huber Social

Philanthropy and impact investment seeks to mobilise capital to solve complex social issues. To do so effectively we need to fix how we measure impact. Despite growing investment, confidence in social impact is superficial; resources go to waste, issues and crisis endure.
Moving beyond GDP and recognising wellbeing as the measure of progress, Huber Social has a standardised a scientific wellbeing measurement process to deliver actionable, comparable, and assured social impact at scale. Having validated the measurement across the private and public sector and in more than 10 countries, we are now establishing a global not-for-profit wellbeing intelligence platform: the Wellbeing Intelligence Network.
Applied to your investment or philanthropy, come to us with your target social issue and we will provide the data and insights to help solve it. At the same time, you will be contributing to building a global Wellbeing Intelligence Network, leveraging your social impact measurement for the good of others working to solve social issues. Recognised as an authority in social impact measurement, Huber Social is the lead drafter for Standards Australia, ‘Measuring Social Value’ Handy Guide, along with our partners Oxford University Blavatnik School of Government, SEAF and the Australian Industry Group. Huber Social is also a member for the UN SDG Impact Assurance Advisory Committee and the Private Sector Mechanism of the UN Food and Agricultural Organization for Sustainable Development.

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Huber Social

Presented by Kerry Series, Partner

Inspire Australian Equities Fund

The Inspire Australian Equities Fund invests in companies that have products or services addressing social and environmental issues. These companies are focused on areas such as affordable housing, education, healthcare, renewable energy generation and storage, and regenerative agriculture. The Inspire team actively engage the companies to encourage them to scale their positive impacts and publishes an annual impact report that reports on the outcomes achieved.

All companies in the Fund’s portfolio are listed on the Australian stock exchange. This means that the Fund is available to investors with a minimum investment of $10,000 and investments and redemptions can be made daily. The Inspire mission is to democratise impact investing and to shift capital to address social and environmental issues at scale.

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Previous Impact Connect funds

Presented by Giles Gunesekera
Founder and CEO

Global Impact Initiative (GII) – Global Gender Equality Fund

The Global Impact Initiative (GII) Global Gender Equality Fund will invest in a portfolio of carefully selected global companies which recognise and promote gender equality, to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future.

The Fund aims to outperform the broad MSCI World index. GII has innovatively designed the product to give investors the option of taking the income generated in the portfolio or donating the income and/or capital gains to charities with specific programs focused on improving women and girls’ social and economic empowerment, education, health and nutrition.

Presented by Tom Ferrier


Greener offers a worthwhile opportunity for investors seeking an impactful investment that could help end climate change while providing solid financial returns. They were recognised as #1 cleantech start-up in Australia, with an app that guides people to green retailers for everything they buy, then turns what is purchased carbon neutral to help stop climate change. Off the back of their successful pilot, they are now working with Harvard, WWF and USYD, they have secured >35 partnerships with leading green brands (including Microsoft, Koala, LEGO and Powershop) to launch a world first carbon neutral economy.

Presented by Kath Hamilton


Loop+ is a remote monitoring platform transforming the delivery of care. It was founded by sisters Kath Hamilton and Clare Conroy, who’s 10 year old son Evander, has a spinal cord injury. When no activity tracker on the market could monitor his function and health risks, they built their own. It’s been coined the “Fitbit for your bum”!

With continuous tracking, loop+ provides wheelchair users, carers and clinicians visibility into daily seating routines to manage the risk of positioning and pressure injuries. Wheelchair users are one of the most expensive populations in the health system costing over $7billion each year in Australia alone. NDIS reimbursement makes this the ideal beachhead market.  

Loop+ is a proprietary data platform that will support chronic care populations including the elderly ageing in place. The foundation is a sensor pad fixed to the wheelchair connected to the mobile app and processed data is stored in the cloud for immediately actionable insights and longitudinal population knowledge. 

This is an opportunity to invest in Loop+ as they begin their expansion into New Zealand, America and Japan. Creating the world’s largest proprietary data set of wheelchair user seating habits for the rollout of digital care and therapeutic products for the disabled and elderly globally. 


Presented by Nicole Yap,
Venture Partner, Moonshot Ventures

Indonesian Women Empowerment Fund (IWEF)

The Indonesia Women Empowerment Fund (IWEF) aims to support women’s economic empowerment by investing in early-stage disruptive tech solutions led by women entrepreneurs and gender-balanced startup teams. As an impact fund, IWEF is committed to empowering innovative, inclusive and purpose-driven start-ups to create positive and sustainable impact.

IWEF is jointly managed by Moonshot Ventures and YCAB Ventures. Moonshot Ventures is a purpose-driven venture capital firm operating in Southeast Asia with current focus in Indonesia. YCAB Ventures is part of the YCAB Social Enterprise Group, a leading advocate and capital provider to women-owned SMEs in Indonesia.